Welcome to Circle Of Life

Choose the food that nourishes your relationship. Fuelling their happiness, well-being and diet!
Just as we’re told that fresh food is the healthiest way for us to eat, the same applies to our four-legged friends. Circle of life Choose the food that nourishes your relationship and fuels their adventurous spirit. Feel confident you’re giving them the complete and balanced diet they can thrive on. No grain. No gluten. And no cereal. Instead, only using real foods that provide naturally derived nutrients. The optimum nourishment that your dog will love and benefit from.

Our Recipes

Our tasty wholesome recipes have been lovingly crafted with the help of canine nutritionists, to ensure all our recipe are packed with the balanced and essential nutrients. Circle Of Life has no hidden nasties, the balanced meals contain all the nutrients a dog needs for optimal health. The food can be bought in independent pet shops around the UK and online.